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recycling makes the world greener

Why recycling plastic is good for you and I

Leaving the plastics in landfills or placing them in incinerators seems like a better idea, but this comes with consequences. The point is, you may feel reluctant to pay back the planet with tenderness by recycling plastic, but here’s why recycling plastics is good for you and I, and why you shouldn’t hesitate to recycle.

1. Recycling Reduces Climate Change and Disease Spread

If you have noticed, weather seasons are now becoming something we can’t easily predict just like the extended periods of extreme winter or summer we now experience.  If you are ignorant about the reason for this, then you should know that your lack of interest in recycling plastic is a reason for the abnormal weather changes. 

During the production of virgin plastics, harmful toxins are released into the atmosphere, these toxins trap heat in the ecosystem and the heats cause abnormality in the weather. With the unusual weather extension, vectors causing disease thrive and injects new infection to the venerable human population.

Recycling plastics creates a situation where less harmful toxins are released to the planet. When there are fewer toxins released, extreme weather changes can be avoided and the avenue for the increased number of disease vectors can also be evaded. To prevent the increased number of diseases, consider recycling.

2. Job creation

The direct effect of recycling plastic is that it creates job employment. Plastic recycling isn’t a one-person job. If you decide to start discarding your plastic in special recycling bins, labor will be needed to collect the plastics from your neighborhood to the factory to be processed. 

When it gets to the factory, cleansing and sorting take place and this will also be done by labor. After that, the raw materials will be extracted and processed into recycled items, this will also involve the use of labor.

When all the steps above take place, it involves the use of employed human labor. If you recycle plastic, it will create employment opportunities for you and your family.

3. Pollution Control

If you are not recycling, and at the same time, you complain about how polluted the ecosystem is, then you are contradicting yourself. 

The air we breathe in is no longer safe. Why? Because the ocean which provides most of the earth’s oxygen has been so much polluted that the amount of safe oxygen it once gives out has become lesser. When plastics are left in landfills or the sea, the harmful chemical when breaking down find their way to the ocean to destroy the oceanic wildlife and planktons in the ocean that provide the earth with about 50 – 80% of oxygen.

Only when plastic is recycled can you be sure that pollution has been reduced. Recycling is good for you and me because it prevents the pollution in the air we breathe.

4. Financial Help

When you begin to take recycling seriously, there will be a demand for recycling companies and with the profit-oriented mindset of humans, the abundance of recycling factories will become a thing. With the excess number of recycling companies paying taxes, revenue can be generated. With the revenue, essential services can be provided by the government to you.

The very little plastic you give out to recycling companies can help create revenue for the good of society.

5. Conserve natural resources for Future Generations

With the rate at which natural resources are being taken, have you ever thought of what would be left for humans in the next 10 decades? It may not be your problem now but think about the innocent generation to come. What would they think of their past generation who exhausted all of earth’s reserves and left them with irregular climate change and earth pollution?

Surely, you won’t be in their good records if the task of maintaining the ecosystem isn’t taken care of, but this isn’t the main point. Recycling plastic is good for you because it creates an opportunity for your kids to live with no fear of getting exposed to harmful radiation which may occur if virgin plastics continue their production.

7.  More land spaces: – which project has been prevented due to landfill?

 In most countries of the world, most land spaces are used as dumping grounds for used plastics. These land spaces are valuable and could be used to build infrastructure which will benefit many. 

Recycling plastic will prevent unnecessary land fillings and create more area for development.

8.  Reduces earth’s burden

Please pity Earth, would you? Even though you are on the lookout for why recycling is good for you, would you take a moment to consider why recycling is good for the earth?

Basically, everything you want and will ever need is provided by the Earth. It makes resources available for you and all you do in return is get it polluted. You may have probably given a talk to someone about how being kind matters a lot but your treatment of Mother Earth is going in contrast to your words. 

It’s high time you decided to make recycling plastic a habit. The world is huge and one of the ways to make a difference is by taking the recycling of your plastic seriously. Yes, mother earth is counting on you. 

“What goes around, comes around”. Recycle your plastics and the countless benefits associated with recycling will locate you.

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