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plastic end products

7 amazing plastic end products

Plastics are everywhere around you and the demand for plastics is on the rise. Every day, products are being manufactured and plastic is becoming a big part of the components of these manufactured products. Slowly and steadily, it is becoming something we can’t do without. 

You make use of them in almost every area of your life. Your body lotion container, water bottles and grocery bags are examples. 

However, the rate at which plastic is being discarded is also on the rise. You discard plastic every day and buy new products that are also plastic. Have you asked yourself what happens to all those plastics you discard and where new ones you use every day are gotten from? 

You repeat this lifestyle almost every day of your life and you don’t seem to notice how they pile up. Do you know the plastics you discard every day are very useful items? They could even be used to produce more items made of plastics. 

You may not be concerned about what those plastics can be used to produce,  but here’s a more crucial reason you should have an interest in what can be produced from plastics – our planet is currently experiencing severe climate change. If you haven’t done your research, climate change takes place due to the release of greenhouse gases. These greenhouse gases, which is a result of human activities, are currently altering the normal course of our planet Earth. 

If you are wondering what plastics have to do with greenhouse gases, you should know that these gases are released into our atmosphere during the production of plastics and give rise to climate change. That’s why each day passes by and we hear of natural disasters and new diseases.

The point is, you should be interested in what can be produced out of plastics to reduce its production which, in turn, reduces the release of greenhouse gas. Now that you are interested in the end product of plastic, take a look at the various things that can be done with the plastics you discard.

1. Carpets

As unbelievable as it may seem, recycled plastics are used to make carpets. Studies and experiments have been made, and most firms have begun the production of carpets from used plastics. Making carpets out of used plastics saves a lot of resources and is eco-friendly.

Carpets from plastic

Carpets can be made from your plastic bottles, so can you imagine the number of carpets that could have been produced If your plastic hadn’t ended up in the trash bag to be incinerated. Of course, you can’t begin to imagine but now that you know, save your plastics for recycling.

2. Trash Bags

Trash bags are something you make use of every day when discarding your garbage. It satisfies your need which you may not have noticed. When taking out your litter, trash bags accommodate your wastes without tearing up and this is something you should appreciate.

Trash Bags made from plastic

Trash bags are made from petroleum-based products and during the production process, harmful gases are released. To save the environment and resources, your used plastics are collected and converted to trash bags. Amazing right? the diversity of plastic is amazing. 

3. Blankets 

Many eco-friendly startups have searched for ways to reduce the pressure put on earth’s reserves and, out of creative thinking, have been able to come up with ways to put used plastic to use by making blankets with it. You may not be familiar with this but you could try to patronize this product.

Blankets from 100% recycled plastic

Your emphasis may be on quality and durability, so you may be sceptical about trying out blankets made from plastics but this is no worries at all because you should be more concerned about the impact you have made on the environment by saving plastics from ruin.

4. Backpacks

The creation of plastic causes a hazardous effect on the environment. Even after its use, when left in landfills, they inflict more harm to the planet. Since the manufacturing of plastics isn’t something that can be stopped, the effect it causes when left in dump fields can be minimized. 

backpacks made from recycled plastics

Backpacks are now being made out of plastics to support the well-being of the ecosystem and societies. It is reasonable that you might not want to try out this product as they may not be your style but climate change isn’t anyone’s style. The planet will change for the worse if you decide not to promote and encourage bodies trying to protect the ecosystem.

5. Sport wears (swimwear)

As fashion has become a huge part of society, innovations have been made to make use of people’s growing interests in fashion to save the ecosystem. Plastics are collected, melted, and made into yarns which are then used to create some sportswear and even crop tops.

swim wear from plastic products

When you buy a dress, you may abandon it after some time for something trendy. This attitude displayed by you and the rest of the world’s population is creating problems for the ecosystem as more clothes are needed to satisfy you and during the production of clothes, the earth’s resources are put to waste. To balance this, your waste plastics are now being used to create fabrics.

6. Shoes

What do you do with all your worn-out shoes? Do you throw them away or leave them to lie around? When you throw out your shoes or give them to the garbage companies, they leave them in a landfill hoping for them to decompose. During its process of decomposition, which may takes years, harmful chemicals are released into the soil.

Shoe ,ade from recycled ocean plastics

To put an end to the continuous cycle of waste, plastics are collected to create shoes. Some of your thrown out plastics can be used instead of leaving them to rot in landfills.

7. Tooth Brush

Every 3 months, you make sure to buy a new toothbrush and within those 3 months, you may have thrown out about 50 plastic bottles. Toothbrush handles are now being made of recycled plastics. More will be made if you pay attention to how you dispose of your plastic. If they are placed in a special recycled bin, it will do a whole lot of good to the environment.

toothbrush - plastic products

These are some of the end products of the plastics you throw out. If more plastics are made available, more innovative things will be made out of them. So, to contribute, be conscious of what is done to your plastic. Place them in a special recycling bin instead of throwing them away with your regular garbage. 

You should pinch yourself for ending the life cycle of plastic and not giving it a chance to be made into cool products. Don’t blame yourself you threw away that plastic of yours in ignorance but now that you are knowledgeable, put your plastic to good use.

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