Our team

Ayoyemi Meigbope - CEO/Founder

Ayoyemi is the founder of the organization with interest in ensuring a cleaner and sustainable environment. Her recycling effort is geared towards reducing energy usage, water pollution and air pollution. She is a leader with over (12) years experience across industries. She brings leadership expertise from financial services, energy and client facing consulting roles.

She is passionate about creating a clean, balanced and sustainable environment by working with organisations and communities to find sustainable solution to their waste management challenges.

She is a strong advocate for empowering women and youths and helping them succeed. She continues to build and nourish partnerships with many organizations with the aim of providing opportunities for more women and youths.

Ayoyemi is an astute finance professional with a bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Babcock University and advanced degrees from Lagos Business School (Pan Atlantic University)

Awolesi Abiola - Head of Operations

Abiola is a versatile business executive who delights in creativity. He holds a degree in English/Literature from the Lagos State University. His unique desire for aesthetics combined with his energetic and ambitious personality triggered his success as operations manager in the cement and fishery industries.

He is a dedicated and effective leader who excels at using proven methods and cutting edge technology in his tasks.

Abiola’s assertive and enthusiastic character merged with his extensive knowledge of process optimization, proves his effectiveness in operational endeavours.